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The 'World Rimfire Benchrest Federation' herein after stated as 'WRB' is to bring together all Rimfire Benchrest Organizations under the wing of a mutually agreed Federation under the terms of a mutually agreed Constitution. This Federation is to promote existing Rimfire Benchrest Shooting throughout the World and introduce new countries to provide a wider spectrum of understanding and comradeship within the sport. To endeavor to promote the Sport up to Olympic Standard and lobby the IOC to gain possible acceptance as a 'specialist shooting discipline'.

The 'WRBF' will be administered by a Committee of people from countries taking part in this sport; the Executive Committee will be a maximum of four Members to promote and run all day to day administration, Web Site and the issue of Affiliation to organizations. The full committee will consist of one Member / Spokesperson from each Country that Affiliate, this will enable each Organization to put forward their point of view and vote on the future development of Rimfire Benchrest Shooting as a whole. The 'WRBF' is to be a non profit making Federation and all monies required will be via donations and sponsorship. There will be no Affiliation Fee.

The 'WRB' will hold each year a 'World Postal Championship' similar to that successfully held during 2006. This will consist of Individual and Team Championships that will form the basis of a 'World Ranking' within the Sport. This World Postal Championship will use an agreed Target (UKBR22, IR50/50 or RBA) and be open to Unlimited Weight rifles at a distance of 50M, three targets will be shot in one day, the aggregate being the score submitted. Teams will consist of three Members and a maximum of three Teams per organization / Country. The 'WRB' is open to all Organizations that shoot for Score similar to the RBA, UKBR22, IR50/50 etc.